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Lifecycle Services

Maximize the value of software with our Lifecycle Services

Adoption Services
We provide Adoption Services to help maximise the value of software thru its lifecycle.
Training Services
We provide training & education services to complement and add value to our projects.
eLearning Production
We provide multi-media, self-paced eLearning production for our clients.

We provide great Adoption Services!

From pilot to production, to proof of value to expansion, we can help you.

What type of Training Services do we provide?

Sales Training

We provide business outcome Sales Training for all technologies across all vertical markets.

Administration Training

Our Administration Training improves the competency of staff to track, manage & monitor every day technology tasks.

Technical Training

We provide Technical Training that improves competency of implementation & administration staff.

Certified Training

We can provide a wide range of Sales & Technical Certified Training virtually & globally.

eLearning Production

We provide a full end-to-end service for the design, creation, recording, animation of eLearning with extensive production capabilities.

Content Creation
We can help you design the look and feel and create content in your chosen style & branding guidelines.
Professional Voiceover
We use Professional Voiceover artists that work on TV & Radio to produce high quality audio in any language.
Animated Production
We produce high quality multimedia content with animation and video output to a style of your choice.

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